Commerce Weavers becomes the Official Sylius Training Partner
It’s been a fact since November, so let’s make it official - we have partnered up with Sylius and become the only English-first official training provider in the ecosystem.
Worldline Saferpay - the first Sylius plugin from Commerce Weavers
At last! We are thrilled to announce public access to the first-ever open-source Sylius plugin created and maintained by Commerce Weavers.
SyliusCon 2023 summary
The 2nd SyliusCon was all about getting together with the community and channeling a new burst of energy into the development of our dear e-commerce framework and its ecosystem.
Weavers Digest - Q2 & Q3 / 2023
It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us but here we are, getting back to blog posting. It turns out that producing quality content when you run your own company isn’t as easy as we thought at the beginning. ;) Anyway, let us start with the summary of the last 6 months of our activity since our first article.
What happened to Sylius and Commerce Weavers in Q1 2023
It's hard to say goodbye but sometimes it's necessary to move forward. In December 2022, our team bid farewell to the Sylius company, causing uncertainty within the Community. But to those who relied on us, we promised not to leave you behind. And we intend to keep that promise.
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