Commerce Weavers becomes the Official Sylius Training Partner
Tymoteusz Stengert

As creators and supervisors of Sylius training programs applied in dozens of sessions all over Europe, we’re coming back to origins - delivering top-notch knowledge at a wider scale under the authorized Sylius umbrella.

The back story for those who do not know us ;)

As a co-founder of Commerce Weavers, my journey in the IT industry, particularly within the e-commerce technology sphere, has been both challenging and rewarding. Our agency, rooted deeply in the traditions of Łódź, Poland—a city with a rich textile industry heritage—mirrors this legacy in the fabric of the digital commerce solutions we craft. Our connection to Sylius, a framework born in the same city, is more than just geographical; it's a testament to our dedication to excellence in e-commerce technology development.

Since 2014-16, my colleagues Mateusz Zalewski, Łukasz Chruściel and I have been at the forefront of the Sylius community. Our roles as the longest-active maintainers and former Sylius company employees have provided us with unique insights and expertise. This deep understanding of Sylius, combined with our experience in Symfony and API Platform, has positioned Commerce Weavers as specialists in addressing the most demanding challenges in customizing these frameworks for various projects.

Our passion for education and knowledge sharing transcends the conventional boundaries of coding and development. It is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our mission at Commerce Weavers. Over the years, we have had the privilege of training more than 250 developers from various corners of Europe. This experience has not only enriched our understanding of diverse business needs and challenges but has also highlighted the transformative power of education in the tech industry. The success stories we've witnessed, where projects leap from the brink of failure to benchmarks of excellence, underscore the critical role of targeted training and mentorship.

Sylius Training Partnership announcement

We do it the way you like it

As the Official Sylius Training Partner (check out our partner profile!), our commitment to empowering development teams is unwavering. We recognize the rapid pace at which technology evolves and the constant need for developers to stay ahead of the curve. This is why our training programs are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of skills and competencies, from novice developers taking their first steps in e-commerce development to seasoned experts looking to refine their mastery of Sylius.

Over the years, my colleague Mateusz has designed three major training programs. Below, you will find their current draft names and updated descriptions. More details will be provided on our revamped website within a few weeks:

Sylius Fundamentals - also partially available in the form of video lessons under the “Getting Started with Sylius” online course available on the Sylius website:

  • Great for beginners (but with mandatory PHP & Symfony basics);
  • Training covers all the basic knowledge every Sylius developer should have. Your team will be ready to build any e-commerce project after 1 or 2 days (depending on whether you select the online course or normal training) of learning.

Sylius Mastery - the freshest and most advanced Sylius learning program on the market based on the modules described below, and most importantly - a thorough and careful process of gathering requirements of a specific dev team. It covers 10 years of our experience as core maintainers and architects of the solution:

  • Updates with current and upcoming versions of Sylius (1.13-2.0), incl. Symfony 6/7^, PHP 8^, and API Platform 2/3^
  • Complex customizations, foundations of we will code within a few hours, together
  • Integration with a selected (by you!) 3rd party app (if only it has API endpoints) or other Symfony-based systems often being connected when implementing Sylius - i.e. Sulu CMS 
  • Deep understanding of the test suite used in Sylius and how those tools could be used for every Sylius- and Symfony-based project

OOP / Best practices / PHP - as software craftsmanship practitioners we are eager to share with you all our secret tips & tricks that make us write any Sylius & Symfony code better and faster than most developers. Get the essentials to develop with PHP like a superhero!

  • Clean-code practices, shown in real examples
  • Refactoring techniques that help you improve your code and make it more reliable
  • SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI - and other fancy acronyms used for real and stunning effects
  • Theory and practice of testing, together with the Test-Driven Development approach
  • Introduction to Behavior-Driven Development, its philosophy, value it brings into the project, as well as practical implementations
  • Use of static code analysis tools that help your application stay in shape

For those seeking a more interactive and personalized learning experience, our dedicated sessions—available in both English and Polish—offer live demonstrations, real-world project examples, and one-on-one mentorship. These sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the team or individual, ensuring that every participant can apply what they've learned directly to their projects.

Book a 30-minute free consultation now and let us tailor the best possible training for your development team’s needs:

[Teaser] Software Testing Masterclass (STM) - we’ve begun working on the online course in the specialty of the house, crème de la crème of our rare experience in designing and maintaining the architecture of open-source software used by thousands of developers around the world - TESTING:

  • Introduction to the world of testing, with an explanation of various test types and what benefits they give in your project
  • Most important testing methodologies: BDD, TDD, etc.
  • Popular testing tools and apps: PHPUnit, PHPSpec, etc.
  • Advanced solutions allowing you to grow stronger bonds between business and technical people during the development process: Behat
  • Static analysis tools: PHPStan, Psalm, PHP-CS-Fixer
  • More!

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It’s not only about training

Sylius Partnership badges

Our partnership with Sylius goes beyond the simple exchange of training leads. We are happy to announce that we have been also granted two other significant badges - the Extension Artisan, and the Core Contributor.

Even though we are now a classical agency delivering development hours for several clients, we’re staying committed to the open source. It’s not always easy to find enough time to contribute but we’re doing our best in a few parallels:

  • Core Team Leadership. We’re holding regular monthly Sylius Core Team meetings, lead discussions and currently designing the new Sylius payment processing architecture. Our company hires 4 out of 12 Core Team Members, meaning we have at least a 25% stake in the direction of core Sylius development.
  • Plugins development. Once per month, we organise internal open-source “real life” hackathons. During these meetings, every CW member can tackle whatever task they want as long as it’s not our billable work, and it somehow contributes to the Sylius ecosystem. One of the key results of this initiative is the creation of SyliusSaferpayPlugin. You can read more about it on our blog or find it in the Sylius Store. Besides, we have several unfinished repositories that we hope will be published in the upcoming months.
  • Evangelism via meetups & conferences. In the first year of our company’s existence, we were present at nearly 30 industry events. We organised part of them, we spoke from the stage at most of them, and if not - we were always there to share our Sylius experience during networking moments and social time. The soonest opportunity to see us again will be Sylius Days Germany where Łukasz will present the early concept of Sylius 2.0.
  • Education via YouTube. We’ve already made some baby steps to become industry influencers. ;) Check out our channel and list of videos we are part of here. Mainly, you’ll find their recordings from conference speeches, and video casts with our partners like the “Good Craft” (orig. “Dobry Craft”) series where we talk software craftsmanship with SYZYGY Warsaw or “Unleash This” led by our US allies from Unleashed Technologies. PS. We’re working on our first paid video course. Stay tuned!

Education is more than just a component of our mission—it is the foundation upon which Commerce Weavers is built. By investing in the growth and development of our peers, we are not only contributing to the individual success of developers but also to the collective advancement of the e-commerce technology sector. We invite you to join us on this journey of learning and growth. Together, we can achieve unprecedented levels of project success and career development.

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